Wood kindling



PVC Bags


Wood kindling in Box





The sorts of wood:

  • Fir-wood,
  • Poplar-tree,
  • Birch-tree.
  • Beech-tree (on special demand)
  • Oak-tree (on special demand)

The length of cutting:

  • 14 cm
  • 20 cm
  • 25 cm
  • 30 cm (on special demand)

Thickness of cleavage:

  • 1-3 cm

Moisture level of wood:

  • od 12% do 18%
  • do 12%




Guarantee of quality

Cleavage, cutting and stacking of wood kindling, in process of packiging, are strictly under control.
Packaging is designed to be durable and to provide sufficient ventilation in order to maintain high quality and low moisture content of wood kindling.